Beaching at Nasugbu, Batangas

Batangas has one of the top lists that we may consider and include in our beach holiday checklist. Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, I have found and discovered a place to fuel my inner wanderlust on the beach.




Munting Buhangin



Having said that, one of the places where you can stay and relax is at Munting Buhangin Beach Reasort located in Nasugbu, Batangas.


June 2015.


So it all started when my friend of mine asked me to accompany her to go to Munting Buhangin Beach Resort together with our other acquaintances. (Yes. I couldn’t say that we’re friends because I haven’t met them yet in person. By any chance, I only knew them on social media because we share the same interest. We love K-POP! Hihihi.)


One of our friends, (whom we only met recently because of some events) owned this resort so we were invited to go with him this weekend. Apparently, most of the expenses would be free aside from food. Wow! 🙂 Therefore, Frecy and I accepted the invitation and decided to go with him. In addition, we’d be there with other K-pop enthusiasts! Hahaha! It’s another chance of meeting and creating new sets of friends again! Yay!


We decided to go there at 6:00 in the morning so that we could steer clear of the traffic jam! While we were hitting the road, I was able to get a chance to know some of the people whom I’d just met for the first time. Our passion about K-pop music really helped a lot to get us closer. It didn’t take us long to become comfortable with each other. ❤



New found friends! 🙂



After almost four hours of traveling, we’ve finally reached our destination. But what the funny was, before you could get to the beach, you still need to go through long stairway.(Hahaha! it was kinda tiring ’cause the stairway was pretty long.)


We stayed in one of the family rooms there (that you could rent out if you’re planning to go overnight there; good enough for ten pax) .


After having lunch, we took some rest and went island hopping. Not only that, one of most exciting thing happened was, we tried cliff diving which I’ve never done before! I couldn’t even swim at all. However, due to peer pressure, I still convinced myself to try this just once and for all.


When it was already my turn, I felt like backing out yet I chose to stay because my friends were forcing me try cliff diving! (how could I even do this when I didn’t even know how to swim). They kept telling me that the boatman would give me a hand after I cliff dive. (which he really did to them). Still, I was feeling afraid of my own shadow. This would be the first time doing this. Ugh!


Due to the fact that I was a bundle of nerves at this time, I jumped off the cliff after thirty minutes which made my friends felt disturbed. Hahaha. Yet I was able to do it! Yessss!!!


“Do something you’ve never done before.”



Then, after trying that action-packed activity, we went island hopping again and went swimming and chitchat with each other.


I might say that the resort is one of the best places to chill out, to get closer with your family or friends and to give a wide berth to stress.


Furthermore, it felt so great because I was able to meet new friends and I’ve learned something new again. I was so proud of myself that I conquered one of my fears! Yay! 🙂


I hope to be back to this place again. ^^ ❤


“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

— Mother Teresa



A Weekend Getaway in Baler, Aurora

Baler is the capitol town, and it’s famous for a historical siege and killer waves. Aurora. It’s a province named after the lady-love and wife of President Manuel Quezon. Isn’t that romantic?


August 2015.


I had been planning where I could spend my weekend with a thrilling experience since I wasn’t feeling pleased anymore of what I was doing for the past weeks.


I thought that I must have had a break. I wanted to be thrilled.


Since I got addicted to flow boarding, why not try surfing this time? So I came up with the idea of going to Baler this weekend. On the flip side, none of my friends couldn’t go with me at that time so I’ve just decided to go there alone. Yes. Alone!


But I must admit, at that time, I was feeling very nervous of traveling alone yet that made me feel excited.


My newly found friends! ❤



I decided to travel last August 22nd to 23rd. It was my first time to travel alone. Fortunately, I have found and created new set of friends along my journey. I went with them and I was really lucky because their plan was also to stay in Baler on the weekend. So we planned to go back to Manila together. Yay! I didn’t feel alone anymore.


Our first stop was at the Balete Park. We arrived there at 6pm. I was able to see the beauty of Balete Tree also called “The Millennium Tree” which is said to be the biggest tree in Asia.



Inside the Balete Tree! ^^


More than that, I was surprised that we could actually go inside the Balete Tree! Just wow! I felt completely amazed!



Then after a few minutes, we headed to Dimatubo Falls which is known to be as the “Mother Falls”. But we had breakfast and we trekked first before we reached the falls.


After that, we had finally traveled to Baler and had our lunch first. Finally, we checked in to our hostel and took some rest.


This is where we stayed over the weekend~



We had our lunch here~ ❤


At 2pm, we went to Ermita Hill and Baler View Deck. We overlooked the majestic view of the Pacifcic Ocean from above.



Then, we went off to see Dimadimalangat Islet and Aniao Islets. I was truly captivated by the beauty of these islets! How enchanting! I was so happy to witness the beauty of them.



Lastly, we headed back to the Sabang Beach and started off to go surfing! This was my first time trying this which made me feel so enthusiastic! What surprised me more was when I was already riding the waves, I didn’t feel nervous at all. In fact, I was so enlivened to see what would happen after I took part in this kind of activity. I became flabbergasted because I have found surfing pretty much easier than flow boarding. Wow! With that, I’ve become more confident in surfing. One more thing, I was so happy to see my instructor showing himself proud of me that he didn’t need to teach me that much. Hahaha!


With my instructor! 🙂



I feel so proud of myself! Haha! 🙂




Sabang Beach ❤

After a few hours, we went back to our hostel, took some rest and washed up for dinner. We ate at Kusina Luntian. The food was totally scrumptious! 🙂


The food we ate at Kusina Luntian! So yummy! ❤

The next thing we did was we headed to the Burton Market which was very near to our hostel and went on a side trip to the museum wherein its building was adjacent to the market itself.



After we worn out ourselves, we decided to go back to the hostel and went back to sleep.


August 23rd.


It was a full pack of adventures! It was our last day and I felt so sad because days gone by so fast. We checked out at 12 pm. We visited Hanging Bridge, Baler Church, Manuel L. Quezon’s bronze statue, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler and Aurora Aragon’s House. Lastly, we headed to Pasalubong Center.


The hanging bridge!


Key chains from Baler! ❤


I’d definitely say that it was a weekend well spent. I’ve got a chance to meet new amazing friends, was able to try a new thrilling experience (that I probably might try again) and I’ve learned a lot and discover new things.


A very short vacation but a memorable one indeed!


“If there’s something you find hard or scary in life, you should push yourself to the extreme of it. It will make original action seem positively easy in comparison!”



I hope you like my story! Thank you! 🙂





The Picturesque of the Grand Venice Canal in the Philippines

It is said to be that Grand Venice Canal is located in Italy. It is the part of the city where people use a Gondola (boat used on Venetian canals) . Grand Canal is actually a canal in Venice, Italy. It is definitely one of the most tourist attractions that is a must-see in Italy.


But good news to all Filipino travelers and wanderers who can’t afford yet to experience this romantic canal cruise in Italy; because you’ll get to experience it in our own country! Yes! You heard it right!


Grand Venice Canal mall will certainly the newest attraction here in the Philippines. It officially opened last February 2016.It is located at McKinley Hill, Taguig.



Alyssa and Me


However, due to my greatest anticipation and excitement, my friend (Alyssa) and I had already paid a visit to Grand Venice Canal Mall last December 2015. So when we were able to get there, the other stores weren’t operating yet, but we were in awe to see people flocking in the mall especially where the Grand Canal is.


To my surprise, the place was pretty much crowded. I hadn’t even manifested that a lot of people would already pay to visit the place even if it is not yet officially opened. Wow! I might say that the Grand Canal is absolutely going to be a crowd pleaser.



Apparently, as I mentioned above, people were crowding around the place so it was quite hard to take some pictures. Alyssa and I were fortunate enough to take some good pictures of us of the canal.



After we took some pictures with the Grand Canal, we explored inside the mall and it was pretty amazing to see that there were lots of restaurants where you could eat there. In addition, there’s a department store inside as well if you’d like to buy some groceries.



Then, we waited the nightfall to check out how the Grand Canal would be look like when it is evening, I could say that it looks pretty much good. There’s nothing wrong with it. The place was simply amazing. The structures built were really awesome too! It made me feel amazed and kinda relaxed  after seeing those Italia-inspired buildings. 🙂



The Gondola



I hope to be back soon, try to ride the Gondola and go shopping there too!




How about you? Have you seen the Grand Venice Canal in McKinley Hill, Taguig? Share your story with me!








Interacting with the Magnificent Creatures in Oslob, Cebu

Whale Shark Watching activity can be done in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines.


Whale Sharks are considered and said to be as the living species of the
‘largest fish in the world’. (Wow!)

Whale sharks can be seen in a small barangay Tan-awan, which is 10 km
away from the center town of Oslob. Whale shark watching in Cebu
started last September 2011 and it became popular all over the world
when the news hit in the internet last November 2011. By December 2011,
local fishermen’s interact with the whale sharks by feeding them that
result to flocking of tourist to the beach of Tan-awan. Large numbers
of tourists began arriving in Oslob not just to see the whale sharks
being fed but also to snorkel or dive with them. for more exciting sea
kayak tours.



Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

It all started in September 2015.

It was my first time going to Cebu and one of our itineraries is to
experience Whale Shark Watching which located in Oslob on the eastern
side of the southernmost tip of Cebu Island.

I was accompanied by my friend/travel buddy, Frecy. Our second day in
Cebu was already planned for our Whale Shark watching experience. This
was going to be our first-ever interaction with the whale sharks! (Whoa
whoa whoa) So we felt very excited that we couldn’t sleep at all.


With my Travel Buddy, Frecy


In Oslob, Cebu

Yet we woke up at very early in the morning and directly headed to the
South Bus Terminal station at 3:30 am. As far as I could remember we
left after 30 minutes.

Since we didn’t get enough of sleep, we had just slept most of the time
while we were on the bus. Then, there was a vendor who got on the bus
and offered us that so-called snack “TORTA” Then, we had a little
conversation with Kuya (referring to the vendor) since it was our first
time in Cebu, we asked him to teach us some Bisaya words. He taught us
this line, “Taramis ta~torta” (which basically means “Delicious Torta?”
hahaha omg) After that short conversation, we killed time sight-seeing
outside the window bus.I was in awe cause I had been seeing other
wonderful places as well as the sea yet we couldn’t stopover. (hihi)


It was our first time to taste this and it was really scrumptious!


While we were on our way to Brgy. Tan-awan~

Finally! After three hours of traveling, we’ve reached Brgy. Tan-awan
where we could start our whale shark watching activity. We chose to stay at MB’s
Sunrise View Resort and inquired about Whale Shark watching. They told us to pay Php500 (since we are local tourists); and even offered us to rent an underwater camera since we didn’t own any. We rented it for 600php. (They’ll give you soft copies of your photos and videos including CD right after you bring the camera back.) (The rental cost sounds reasonable enough.)



When everything was all set, we headed to the whale shark watching briefing area before we proceed to the watching site. During the short brief introduction about the said activity, they would inform you the things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to protect the whale sharks. After a few minutes, we were already on the
boat with the other tourist and the two boatmen as well. Later on, we had finally reached the whale watching site and our boatmen started to feed them. We were asked to interact and swim with them in the span of 30 minutes.


During the briefing session


On the way to the watching site~

As I mentioned above earlier, this was going to be my first time so
when I was already seeing the whale sharks for real, I felt the chills
in my spine. The fact that they were just underneath us, I could
totally tell that they were absolutely enormous! I was in awe after
seeing them. Due to the fact that the whale shark is such an enormous
marine life, I felt extremely frightened after seeing it though I was
still intensely enthusiastic thinking that I’d be interacting with


The other travelers whom we met and who were with us during whale shark watching

My friend and I realized that thirty minutes wasn’t that long to spend
staying in the boat, so even though we couldn’t swim at all, we decided
to plunge ourselves into the sea. (Best thing we did was that we rented
life vests lol)


I was completely amazed by the crystal clear water, the different species I could see underwater and of course with the whale sharks that were passing beside us.


With the help of Kuya (one of our boatmen), he took us a lot of
pictures with the whale sharks and since Frecy and I both couldn’t
swim, we were just clinging on the boat. Yet I could certainly say that
the whale sharks are breathtakingly gigantic especially whenever they
open their big mouths.


Our experience in whale watching was truly remarkable for us! It was
not just about swimming with the whale sharks but also, how you could
see or meet them in the most behave manner.


We should be a little sensitive when it comes to interacting them so
that we can preserve and protect them as well. I think that’s one of
the most important thing to consider. 🙂

Still, I suggest you to list down “Whale Shark Watching activity in
your bucket list! I am certain that you won’t regret it!




Witness the Stunning Summit View from Mt. Talamitam


Mt. Talamitam is a mountain in Nasugbu, Batangas.  Its trail difficulty is 2/10. 

So here’s my story about going to the summit of Mt. Talamitam.



Year 2015 has been a roller coaster ride for me. Since the year had started, I made my own bucket list and planned to achieve all of the activities I’ve listed down by the end of the year.


Perhaps, one of the activities I wrote down in my bucket list was to “go hiking”. I’ve never gone hiking before so I asked myself, “why shouldn’t I try this thrilling activity just once in my life?”



So as months passed by, it seemed that fate has been so kind and it was my fortune to finally try going hiking. All of a sudden, my friend Stevien asked us to go hiking with him along with his friends and his other acquaintances. So most probably, Frecy (my travel buddy) and I would be able to meet different new people whom we haven’t met before. (Sounds exciting!)


I really enjoyed their company, though it was my first time meeting them, I didn’t feel awkward at all.



This is our whole team! Cuteeeeeee! 🙂


It feels so great to meet people who have the same interest as you.


So, our mountain climbing happened last June 27th. This was definitely my first time going hiking so I really had no idea what exactly would happen  during our hike. Typically, I am a type of person who doesn’t exercise daily and doesn’t totally care about nature.(Sorry to this but that’s the fact).


Left side: Frecy; Right side: Me


Frecy, Ara(me), Stevien [with my travel buddies!]

We started climbing the mountain at night and while we were already starting going hiking, I couldn’t help myself from catching my breathe so heavily. I never imagined that it would be that difficult for me even though they said that Mt. Talamitam was one of the beginner-friendly mountains to hike. However, while we taking the trail to reach the summit, I was already thinking of giving up but how could I even do it when the people around me just kept going and kept on pushing me through. So I had no choice but to continue. (I must have finished what I had started lol)


Yet to be frank, I was already having a hard time in breathing, felt like I was about to vomit at any minute and I could feel dizziness all over my head. It felt like I was about to collapse. Phew! Reaching Mt. Talamitam’s summit was absolutely a challenging one. Seriously.
But I kept in my mind that I had to keep going and needed to finish what I’d started. But physically speaking, I was totally exhausted.
After a few hours, we finally reached the camp site; the team finally decided to camp out and started preparing some food for every one. Stevien told us that we would continue to hike up earlier the next morning. Yes! I had time to take some rest.


It’s me inside the tent. Haha! See my face? I’m dead tired but I’m still smiling. Why? lol


The temperature was chilling me out. But as I started to observe everything around me (though it was pretty dark; thanks for the flashlight haha), I was still able to enjoy the place. The air was totally fresh and I liked seeing the stars up in the sky. Wow! This was so good to be true!

Then, we woke up at 5am and waited for the sun to rise. I was completely astonished after seeing the place where I was. Amazing! We took a lot of pictures and I was really smiling all the time because I’ve realized that I almost did it! We’ve almost reached the summit. I could finally accomplish my mission. Hahaha.


After taking some pictures and having breakfast, the team started to hike up to reach the summit. After an hour, yes!!!! we’ve finally reached the top! We’ve made it! I did it! I was on the top of the world! I couldn’t believe it!



Rise and Shine! ❤

The view from the summit was breathtakingly beautiful. If you successfully reach the top, you will see the other side of the world. And that is the true beauty of nature. Moreover, I found out that it’s way more beautiful than I have ever imagined. I totally fell in love more with the nature! I truly appreciate the wonder of nature more.


Summit View from Mt. Talamitam


It was a success!! Thank you Lord!!


I’ve made it! Haha! 


And achievement unlocked! Another bucket list checked! One of the most challenging things I’ve done this 2015! Whooooo! I’d definitely try this again.



“Going hiking is absolutely challenging and exhausting at the same time. But when you’ve reached the summit, all hard work paid off.”


I’ve learned that no matter how hard it is to achieve something you want, you should never give up. I’ve come to realize that nothing is impossible with the power of perseverance, strong determination and dedication to what you’re doing. It felt like I became a better one after going hiking. Hahaha. My perception in life has gotten deeper. Lol.

So after we went hiking, the team had decided to go on a sidetrip to Layong Bato .



We’ve got a chance to get along with each other more. It was really fun and enjoying!


When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before. So why not try mountain climbing? Let’s go! 🙂


I hope you enjoy this post! Thank you for reading! Feel to comment! ^^


My Exhilarating Flowboarding Experience


Flow House Manila

Have you ever heard the word “flowboarding”? If yes, I bet you’d love to try it over and over again. Why? Well the reason is very simple, this sport is definitely addicting. Isn’t it?



This is where you go flowboarding.



But if not, that’s okay. So let me tell you something about “Flowboarding”. Basically flowboarding is a kind of water sport with the elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding and wakeboarding. Flowboarding can also be called as Flowriding. 






These are the tickets I got when I joined on an Instagram contest. hihihi! ❤

This extreme water sport can be played at Flow House Manila located in Seasons Molino. It is across Phoenix gas station near V-Central Mall. It is about a 30-minute drive from Makati and about a 15-minute drive from Alabang. But if you are from Cavite like me, you are fortunate enough to visit Flow House Manila more conveniently.


I actually discovered flowboarding when I watched one of Drew Arellano’s travel shows (well sorry I couldn’t remember what show that was anymore) and I instantly got hooked with the idea of trying this new kind of activity. After watching Drew Arellano’s show, I was like, “Omg! I want to try it! I’d like to go here soon!” This sport really stoked me a lot.


As far as I know, Flow House Manila opened last April 1, 2015. But since I was too busy at work during that  I couldn’t pay off to visit the place yet. But after a month of waiting.. Viola! I finally booked a reservation last May 30, 2015. I’d definitely say that this was one of the most thrilling adventure I’d ever experience in my life!




Last May 30th was the first time I tried flowboarding and yes! I didn’t have any regret from trying this. Though the cost might sound a bit pricey (you need to pay Php 650 in order to go flowboarding just for one hour) but the said price was totally worth to pay.


During my ride, I was so frustrated balancing myself on the flowboard. It wasn’t that easier than I thought. Why? Simply because you need to ride the waves by balancing off yourself  while facing towards the opposite direction. Phew! Sounds pretty much challenging right?  Absolutely. I wiped myself out a lot of times and was having a hard time balancing myself most of the time. Haha!



Fortunately, I got an instructor who was very patient during my ride and tried his best to teach me as much as he could. In addition, he was really cheering me up all the time. (I think all the instructors are nice. hehe)


I’m sorry to tell you guys but this is inevitable. Hahaha!

Then, when the time was almost over, my instructor said “This is your last chance. You can do it!.”  So I did my best, tried to apply everything I learned from him within an hour and wow!!!! I finally did it!!! I did it!!! I was really on cloud nine! Achievement unlocked! Hahaha! Yay! Though I know that I still need a lot of practice to master it.


“Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.”


It feels like I fell in love at first sight with flowboarding. I learned a lot from this water sport and I knew within myself that this is definitely going to be my new addiction! And yes! I said it right. I went back here so many times. Haha. Still, the feeling after going flowboarding makes me feel so happy as a clam. Everytime!



With Instructor Mad!! ❤



“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.”


So why not try flowboarding? I’m pretty sure that you’d enjoy this kind of activity especially this summer! Flow House Manila will be opening again on May 6th, 2016. (I heard they closed it for a few months before due to some land management issues.) But I’m so glad that it will be opened again soon! Yay!

Of course after you try the exhilarating flowboarding experience,  I am definitely sure that you’ll get hungry afterwards. Or you might want to stay longer. With that, you can swim, eat and chill out right after you go flowboarding. They provide food and beverages which you can order from their bar.


This is their menu list if you want to grab some snack and try some drinks.


Chicken wings, Seasoned Potato Wedges and Iced Tea.


Yum yum yum!


So what are you waiting for? You must have gone flowboarding! Have fun! ❤ ❤