My Exhilarating Flowboarding Experience


Flow House Manila

Have you ever heard the word “flowboarding”? If yes, I bet you’d love to try it over and over again. Why? Well the reason is very simple, this sport is definitely addicting. Isn’t it?



This is where you go flowboarding.



But if not, that’s okay. So let me tell you something about “Flowboarding”. Basically flowboarding is a kind of water sport with the elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding and wakeboarding. Flowboarding can also be called as Flowriding. 






These are the tickets I got when I joined on an Instagram contest. hihihi! ❤

This extreme water sport can be played at Flow House Manila located in Seasons Molino. It is across Phoenix gas station near V-Central Mall. It is about a 30-minute drive from Makati and about a 15-minute drive from Alabang. But if you are from Cavite like me, you are fortunate enough to visit Flow House Manila more conveniently.


I actually discovered flowboarding when I watched one of Drew Arellano’s travel shows (well sorry I couldn’t remember what show that was anymore) and I instantly got hooked with the idea of trying this new kind of activity. After watching Drew Arellano’s show, I was like, “Omg! I want to try it! I’d like to go here soon!” This sport really stoked me a lot.


As far as I know, Flow House Manila opened last April 1, 2015. But since I was too busy at work during that  I couldn’t pay off to visit the place yet. But after a month of waiting.. Viola! I finally booked a reservation last May 30, 2015. I’d definitely say that this was one of the most thrilling adventure I’d ever experience in my life!




Last May 30th was the first time I tried flowboarding and yes! I didn’t have any regret from trying this. Though the cost might sound a bit pricey (you need to pay Php 650 in order to go flowboarding just for one hour) but the said price was totally worth to pay.


During my ride, I was so frustrated balancing myself on the flowboard. It wasn’t that easier than I thought. Why? Simply because you need to ride the waves by balancing off yourself  while facing towards the opposite direction. Phew! Sounds pretty much challenging right?  Absolutely. I wiped myself out a lot of times and was having a hard time balancing myself most of the time. Haha!



Fortunately, I got an instructor who was very patient during my ride and tried his best to teach me as much as he could. In addition, he was really cheering me up all the time. (I think all the instructors are nice. hehe)


I’m sorry to tell you guys but this is inevitable. Hahaha!

Then, when the time was almost over, my instructor said “This is your last chance. You can do it!.”  So I did my best, tried to apply everything I learned from him within an hour and wow!!!! I finally did it!!! I did it!!! I was really on cloud nine! Achievement unlocked! Hahaha! Yay! Though I know that I still need a lot of practice to master it.


“Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.”


It feels like I fell in love at first sight with flowboarding. I learned a lot from this water sport and I knew within myself that this is definitely going to be my new addiction! And yes! I said it right. I went back here so many times. Haha. Still, the feeling after going flowboarding makes me feel so happy as a clam. Everytime!



With Instructor Mad!! ❤



“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.”


So why not try flowboarding? I’m pretty sure that you’d enjoy this kind of activity especially this summer! Flow House Manila will be opening again on May 6th, 2016. (I heard they closed it for a few months before due to some land management issues.) But I’m so glad that it will be opened again soon! Yay!

Of course after you try the exhilarating flowboarding experience,  I am definitely sure that you’ll get hungry afterwards. Or you might want to stay longer. With that, you can swim, eat and chill out right after you go flowboarding. They provide food and beverages which you can order from their bar.


This is their menu list if you want to grab some snack and try some drinks.


Chicken wings, Seasoned Potato Wedges and Iced Tea.


Yum yum yum!


So what are you waiting for? You must have gone flowboarding! Have fun! ❤ ❤








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