Witness the Stunning Summit View from Mt. Talamitam


Mt. Talamitam is a mountain in Nasugbu, Batangas.  Its trail difficulty is 2/10. 

So here’s my story about going to the summit of Mt. Talamitam.



Year 2015 has been a roller coaster ride for me. Since the year had started, I made my own bucket list and planned to achieve all of the activities I’ve listed down by the end of the year.


Perhaps, one of the activities I wrote down in my bucket list was to “go hiking”. I’ve never gone hiking before so I asked myself, “why shouldn’t I try this thrilling activity just once in my life?”



So as months passed by, it seemed that fate has been so kind and it was my fortune to finally try going hiking. All of a sudden, my friend Stevien asked us to go hiking with him along with his friends and his other acquaintances. So most probably, Frecy (my travel buddy) and I would be able to meet different new people whom we haven’t met before. (Sounds exciting!)


I really enjoyed their company, though it was my first time meeting them, I didn’t feel awkward at all.



This is our whole team! Cuteeeeeee! 🙂


It feels so great to meet people who have the same interest as you.


So, our mountain climbing happened last June 27th. This was definitely my first time going hiking so I really had no idea what exactly would happen  during our hike. Typically, I am a type of person who doesn’t exercise daily and doesn’t totally care about nature.(Sorry to this but that’s the fact).


Left side: Frecy; Right side: Me


Frecy, Ara(me), Stevien [with my travel buddies!]

We started climbing the mountain at night and while we were already starting going hiking, I couldn’t help myself from catching my breathe so heavily. I never imagined that it would be that difficult for me even though they said that Mt. Talamitam was one of the beginner-friendly mountains to hike. However, while we taking the trail to reach the summit, I was already thinking of giving up but how could I even do it when the people around me just kept going and kept on pushing me through. So I had no choice but to continue. (I must have finished what I had started lol)


Yet to be frank, I was already having a hard time in breathing, felt like I was about to vomit at any minute and I could feel dizziness all over my head. It felt like I was about to collapse. Phew! Reaching Mt. Talamitam’s summit was absolutely a challenging one. Seriously.
But I kept in my mind that I had to keep going and needed to finish what I’d started. But physically speaking, I was totally exhausted.
After a few hours, we finally reached the camp site; the team finally decided to camp out and started preparing some food for every one. Stevien told us that we would continue to hike up earlier the next morning. Yes! I had time to take some rest.


It’s me inside the tent. Haha! See my face? I’m dead tired but I’m still smiling. Why? lol


The temperature was chilling me out. But as I started to observe everything around me (though it was pretty dark; thanks for the flashlight haha), I was still able to enjoy the place. The air was totally fresh and I liked seeing the stars up in the sky. Wow! This was so good to be true!

Then, we woke up at 5am and waited for the sun to rise. I was completely astonished after seeing the place where I was. Amazing! We took a lot of pictures and I was really smiling all the time because I’ve realized that I almost did it! We’ve almost reached the summit. I could finally accomplish my mission. Hahaha.


After taking some pictures and having breakfast, the team started to hike up to reach the summit. After an hour, yes!!!! we’ve finally reached the top! We’ve made it! I did it! I was on the top of the world! I couldn’t believe it!



Rise and Shine! ❤

The view from the summit was breathtakingly beautiful. If you successfully reach the top, you will see the other side of the world. And that is the true beauty of nature. Moreover, I found out that it’s way more beautiful than I have ever imagined. I totally fell in love more with the nature! I truly appreciate the wonder of nature more.


Summit View from Mt. Talamitam


It was a success!! Thank you Lord!!


I’ve made it! Haha! 


And achievement unlocked! Another bucket list checked! One of the most challenging things I’ve done this 2015! Whooooo! I’d definitely try this again.



“Going hiking is absolutely challenging and exhausting at the same time. But when you’ve reached the summit, all hard work paid off.”


I’ve learned that no matter how hard it is to achieve something you want, you should never give up. I’ve come to realize that nothing is impossible with the power of perseverance, strong determination and dedication to what you’re doing. It felt like I became a better one after going hiking. Hahaha. My perception in life has gotten deeper. Lol.

So after we went hiking, the team had decided to go on a sidetrip to Layong Bato .



We’ve got a chance to get along with each other more. It was really fun and enjoying!


When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before. So why not try mountain climbing? Let’s go! 🙂


I hope you enjoy this post! Thank you for reading! Feel to comment! ^^



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