The Picturesque of the Grand Venice Canal in the Philippines

It is said to be that Grand Venice Canal is located in Italy. It is the part of the city where people use a Gondola (boat used on Venetian canals) . Grand Canal is actually a canal in Venice, Italy. It is definitely one of the most tourist attractions that is a must-see in Italy.


But good news to all Filipino travelers and wanderers who can’t afford yet to experience this romantic canal cruise in Italy; because you’ll get to experience it in our own country! Yes! You heard it right!


Grand Venice Canal mall will certainly the newest attraction here in the Philippines. It officially opened last February 2016.It is located at McKinley Hill, Taguig.



Alyssa and Me


However, due to my greatest anticipation and excitement, my friend (Alyssa) and I had already paid a visit to Grand Venice Canal Mall last December 2015. So when we were able to get there, the other stores weren’t operating yet, but we were in awe to see people flocking in the mall especially where the Grand Canal is.


To my surprise, the place was pretty much crowded. I hadn’t even manifested that a lot of people would already pay to visit the place even if it is not yet officially opened. Wow! I might say that the Grand Canal is absolutely going to be a crowd pleaser.



Apparently, as I mentioned above, people were crowding around the place so it was quite hard to take some pictures. Alyssa and I were fortunate enough to take some good pictures of us of the canal.



After we took some pictures with the Grand Canal, we explored inside the mall and it was pretty amazing to see that there were lots of restaurants where you could eat there. In addition, there’s a department store inside as well if you’d like to buy some groceries.



Then, we waited the nightfall to check out how the Grand Canal would be look like when it is evening, I could say that it looks pretty much good. There’s nothing wrong with it. The place was simply amazing. The structures built were really awesome too! It made me feel amazed and kinda relaxed  after seeing those Italia-inspired buildings. 🙂



The Gondola



I hope to be back soon, try to ride the Gondola and go shopping there too!




How about you? Have you seen the Grand Venice Canal in McKinley Hill, Taguig? Share your story with me!









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