A Weekend Getaway in Baler, Aurora

Baler is the capitol town, and it’s famous for a historical siege and killer waves. Aurora. It’s a province named after the lady-love and wife of President Manuel Quezon. Isn’t that romantic?


August 2015.


I had been planning where I could spend my weekend with a thrilling experience since I wasn’t feeling pleased anymore of what I was doing for the past weeks.


I thought that I must have had a break. I wanted to be thrilled.


Since I got addicted to flow boarding, why not try surfing this time? So I came up with the idea of going to Baler this weekend. On the flip side, none of my friends couldn’t go with me at that time so I’ve just decided to go there alone. Yes. Alone!


But I must admit, at that time, I was feeling very nervous of traveling alone yet that made me feel excited.


My newly found friends! ❤



I decided to travel last August 22nd to 23rd. It was my first time to travel alone. Fortunately, I have found and created new set of friends along my journey. I went with them and I was really lucky because their plan was also to stay in Baler on the weekend. So we planned to go back to Manila together. Yay! I didn’t feel alone anymore.


Our first stop was at the Balete Park. We arrived there at 6pm. I was able to see the beauty of Balete Tree also called “The Millennium Tree” which is said to be the biggest tree in Asia.



Inside the Balete Tree! ^^


More than that, I was surprised that we could actually go inside the Balete Tree! Just wow! I felt completely amazed!



Then after a few minutes, we headed to Dimatubo Falls which is known to be as the “Mother Falls”. But we had breakfast and we trekked first before we reached the falls.


After that, we had finally traveled to Baler and had our lunch first. Finally, we checked in to our hostel and took some rest.


This is where we stayed over the weekend~



We had our lunch here~ ❤


At 2pm, we went to Ermita Hill and Baler View Deck. We overlooked the majestic view of the Pacifcic Ocean from above.



Then, we went off to see Dimadimalangat Islet and Aniao Islets. I was truly captivated by the beauty of these islets! How enchanting! I was so happy to witness the beauty of them.



Lastly, we headed back to the Sabang Beach and started off to go surfing! This was my first time trying this which made me feel so enthusiastic! What surprised me more was when I was already riding the waves, I didn’t feel nervous at all. In fact, I was so enlivened to see what would happen after I took part in this kind of activity. I became flabbergasted because I have found surfing pretty much easier than flow boarding. Wow! With that, I’ve become more confident in surfing. One more thing, I was so happy to see my instructor showing himself proud of me that he didn’t need to teach me that much. Hahaha!


With my instructor! 🙂



I feel so proud of myself! Haha! 🙂




Sabang Beach ❤

After a few hours, we went back to our hostel, took some rest and washed up for dinner. We ate at Kusina Luntian. The food was totally scrumptious! 🙂


The food we ate at Kusina Luntian! So yummy! ❤

The next thing we did was we headed to the Burton Market which was very near to our hostel and went on a side trip to the museum wherein its building was adjacent to the market itself.



After we worn out ourselves, we decided to go back to the hostel and went back to sleep.


August 23rd.


It was a full pack of adventures! It was our last day and I felt so sad because days gone by so fast. We checked out at 12 pm. We visited Hanging Bridge, Baler Church, Manuel L. Quezon’s bronze statue, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler and Aurora Aragon’s House. Lastly, we headed to Pasalubong Center.


The hanging bridge!


Key chains from Baler! ❤


I’d definitely say that it was a weekend well spent. I’ve got a chance to meet new amazing friends, was able to try a new thrilling experience (that I probably might try again) and I’ve learned a lot and discover new things.


A very short vacation but a memorable one indeed!


“If there’s something you find hard or scary in life, you should push yourself to the extreme of it. It will make original action seem positively easy in comparison!”



I hope you like my story! Thank you! 🙂






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